More Bucked Than I Realized

Today is not Ekadasi. I thought it was, but it is not.  I had the Krishna-kathamrta Bindu in my inbox, which helped convince me of this fallacy. I found out this afternoon at my kids’ school.  I should have realized when I saw Sri Sri Radha Syamasundara in teal, but no.  Yoga-maya did not allow me to make the connection.  

I have been following Ekadasi.  My husband has, too. I saw my kids swipe some popcorn from Kanchabala after school, so they are busted. True, it is Kartik….more benefit!  But I am vata and to be honest, I just don’t want to do this again tomorrow. What to speak of the whole Ekadasi cooking yajna.
It must be Ekadasi somewhere else on this planet, no?  

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  1. Ekendra Dasa

    Ekadasi in India.

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