I Am So Bucked!!

It’s that time of month again. Today is Ekadasi, the day we Hare Krishnas fast from grains and beans. Legumes are okay. Anyway, today my kids stay after school to attend drama club. What? You don’t think they are talented enough to be budding thespians? Well, truthfully, neither do I. I’m just looking at it from an after school childcare point of view. Snack is not provided, so I needed to hustle up something grain and bean free in my kitchen that my little fusspots will go for to keep them from acting out during acting class.

Usually I toast some lotus puffies in ghee with a little salt for an Ekadasi popcorn replacement treat. But I am all out of lotus puffies and am trying to put off going to the Indian store–for reasons I don’t quite understand–for as long as possible. Our yummy Ekadasi cake (made so yummy with Sabjimata Strawberry Conserve) is all gone and there is no fruit in the house, save for a half bushel of unripe persimmons. So I decided to give buckwheat pooris a try.

Totally Bucked: This first one was a blooper for a poori, but a keeper as a snacky chip.

Like total bucking magic!  Puff! Puff!

Bucking good stuff.  The puffed and the more or less puffed.

Well, sometimes all you can do is try. The first one I fried up was rolled too thin and dropped into oil which was not hot enough. It resulted in a very nice faux blue corn tortilla chip and is mistake worth repeating in the future. My other pooris fared better as I waited and waited for the oil to be oh so hot. I rolled them a bit thicker and promised each one as I slid it into the wok not to bother it for a while. Splashing and prodding did not fare these pooris well. They really needed to puff according to their own pace. Some hopeless looking pooris even puffed when turned, which struck me as odd but not unbelievable.



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3 responses to “I Am So Bucked!!

  1. kmala

    Whooooa, wait a minute there missy – since when are legumes ok? I read somewhere that lentils are actually legumes and not beans. and are green beans legumes as well?? I think you just opened up my can of worms (mine, mind you – no one elses… and really, I’m not sure why I really care so much since it has been many many moons since I have strictly followed ekadasi…such a demon.)

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    all i know is that peanuts are legumes and ain’t nobody got a problem with that!!!honestly, don’t even talk to me about ekadasi…a day, which by design, only angers the vata pitta in me.i need grains to stay grounded. preferably spelt chapatis.

  3. kmala

    I feel your pain….not exactly, but in theory and desire.

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