Sunday Report

Tonite was a busy nite at the Hare Krishna Temple.  I had new flavors of jam for sale, including Tangerine Persimmon Marmalade, Orange Vanilla Bean Cardamom Jam, astringent Persimmon Jam and Saffron Vanilla Bean Persimmon Jam.  Their colorful jars were a welcomed addition to the table, providing an eye catching display.  

As usual, the gluten kabobs sold out fast.  No matter how many I make, they quickly go, leaving latecomers disappointed and vowing to visit me earlier in the nite next week to buy some.    This week, in addition to a double quantity of Harriet’s (filled with Muscadine Grape Jelly, Gooseberry Jam, Saffron Vanila Bean Persimmon Jam and Tangerine Persimmon Marmalade) I also made organic gingersnap cookies.  Gingersaps are my all time fave of cookies and they proved themselves very popular tonite.  Although I didn’t sell out of cookies, I sold a huge amount.  Way more than in previous weeks.
Tonite, in addition to samples of the sausage I also had little bread squares for people to taste with some jam. This made people happy, especially little kids who swarmed my table like pigeons in a park.  I was more than happy to fill their bellies with tiny bits of organic whole wheat bread.  The big surprise of the night was the sausage sales. I sold a record 23 sausages.  

The cheesecake is gaining a following; it sold out an hour after I set up. I might have to make two next week. Some people seem to think the slices are too big for just one person. But hey, it’s New York style.
Every week I give my kids a dollar to spend at the feast. My son immediately spent his on some cookies at the temple co-op table. My daughter, however, waited until half way through the evening before spending hers.  What did she buy?  A Sabjimata organic jam print cookie, of course (she went for the muscadine grape).  I have to tell you, these days I am finding this girl too cute!
Tulasi and Ekendra enjoy some gluten.   Ekendra is the one man band “Planet Cow.”  His songs are so very funny that after guffawing all night at a party where he played I went into labor.  Of course, it was a week and a half before my due date, so maybe that is why the child took so long to come out. Thanks, Ekendra!
The bread turned out great.  Dark and crusty on the outside, soft and light on the inside.
Being Sabjimata has its benefits.  Here the lovely step-daughter of one of my Canadian customers brought me a very special gift.  This japa bag was sewn in Russia and comes with a lot of flair–such as a little snappy doodle thing to hold your mala when you cannot finish a round as well as cute little monograming with the Holy Name.
See!  Here it is up close.  There is even a little doo-dad to hang your counter beads on.  And the quality of the fabric is so heavy utilitarian.   This bag is serious.  Who knew a japa bag could have so may bells an whistles?  Thank you, Karuna-mayi!  
Coincidentally Hamsarupa Prabhu was at my table buying some stuff when I received the bag.  He actually claims to have invented the bead holder snap design long ago in Vrindavan.  Here he is modeling his own bag.
I am such an American Girl!  I.e., I suck at math.  If it weren’t for the goodness of my customers, I would have lost about 60 bucks in over changing people.  That’s right, I can’t even count.  Adding, subtracting, it’s all long division to me. I need to just admit that I am a loser with numbers and stop being shy about using my calculator.  
Even organic whole grain devotees who usually only go for Italian pastry splurge a little on Sabjimata’s delicioso cookies.  Or shall we say Sabjimama.  Ciao!



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2 responses to “Sunday Report

  1. Lavanga

    LOL. I was just thinking about the above mentioned program w/ Ekendra. Here’s a pic:

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    wow. i had boobies!

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