Tangerine Persimmon Marmalade

I spent the morning baking bread and making a batch of Tangerine Persimmon Marmalade.  The persimmon rounds out the marmalade, giving it a creamy and viscous mouthfeel.  
Sabjimata Tangerine Persimmon Marmalade is lower in sugar than commercial marmalade by at least 25%, making it fuller in fruit and nutritional stuff like vitamins and fiber.

Some people shy away from the more interesting flavors of Sabjimata jams because they are afraid their kids won’t eat it.  Although it is true that my daughter is a bit of a budding foodie, asking for spanokopita, foccacia, shrikand, khandvi and dahi vada by name, my son, on the other hand, only eats from three food groups:  starch, milk and sugar.  Here is photographic proof that even picky eaters like fun jam.

This kid won’t eat a persimmon and hates the un-clemtine-ness of tangerines, but he enthusiastically devoured Tangerine Persimmon Marmalade on bread that I toasted in ghee in our cast iron skillet.
And because she is so darn cute….here are a bunch of pictures of my little Madhumati chowing down on her slice of open faced jam sandwich.  I love her.

Fed and fully energized, Venumadhava strikes his best Lord Rama pose, with Sita in the background. Imagine how busy this kid would be with full sugar jam?  


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2 responses to “Tangerine Persimmon Marmalade

  1. kmala

    wowie, madhumati really is looking a lot like you these days!

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    so they tell me.“she’s your mini-me!”“a little devadeva!”“twins!”poor girl. must be rough to look 33 when you are only in preschool.

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