Let the Renovations Begin

Today is the first day of Kartik. Yesterday was the first day of changing out two doors in our house.

Sri Thakur and his assistant, aka My Husband, change out the glass slider for a smaller set of atrium doors which will be flanked by glass block to make up the space.

I love you, Glass Block.  You make me feel so California modern blonde wood like I have a swimming pool.  
In addition to the atrium door, we added an exterior door, thus connecting my jam kitchen to the interior space of the house.  Now I don’t have to kick away swarming cats when I go up to my kitchen.  That was pretty debilitating.
Boring, I know…but my mom loves this stuff.
xo to you, mom!
Oh, but since it is the first day of Kartik, I will add some KC commentary.  
Stuff doesn’t make you  happy.  Unless it is kitchen stuff.  Or glass block, which a girl like me has wanted in her life since she saw Less Than Zero at a way too young age.  Mom, what were you thinking letting me go to that awful movie?  But that one scene with the light refracted from the pool through the glass block looked beautiful.  So, aside from kitchen stuff and glass block (which I would like in my kitchen when we remodel it…thus making it kitchen stuff) everything else that is not connected to Krishna is Maya.  
Including this blah blah blog.
 Hey..it’s not my fault that this blog feeds to Planet Iskcon…Okay, it is because I submitted the blog.    Just learn to skip over these postings, folks!  And self conscious apologies for all it’s silliness.  A girl needs to unwind…and self-publish…while riding the exercise bike.

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