It Pays to Advertise



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3 responses to “It Pays to Advertise

  1. Anonymous

    Its a man's world alright someone tell that guy he could have slept better without a tie around his neck.

    And saved on fancy restorative breakfast too.

    Stupid is very costly, actually.

    Just ask her…

  2. Gopal Nandini aka ginger

    Yeah, I serve him from the side of the bed on my knees and he sleeps in a necktie?!?! At least she gets to wear a comfy housecoat!!

  3. Anonymous

    Yeah GN, at least she seems to have figured out what clothes are for.

    But it looks like the girl is actually about to dive under the bed. Probably just as that special pakora blows up in his grinning face.

    Oh whats a girl to do, can't teach them by reason, teach them by though reason.

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