I’m Down With OPP (Other People’s Persimmons)

Yesterday morning when I went to the temple a man stopped me in the parking lot to tell me about his persimmon tree. He introduced himself as Dharmatma. It was full of fruit and he invited me to pick. I flashed my husband a huge smile and felt, at that moment, like all my desires were being fulfilled.

Around 10 I headed over to his house and checked out the tree. Small but abundant with persimmon. After I picked, I went over to the house to thank Dharmatma, where I was also introduced to his very busy wife, Dvija Priya. The next twenty minutes were spent looking at family pictures and hearing about their incredibly gifted children. It was an interesting visit, to say the least. I intended to just pop over for some persimmons–grateful for Dharmatma’s generosity. But ended up having actual human contact! See, my life is not just a solitary pursuit of cooking and pot washing. Sometimes I even get to talk to people.

I am happy about the area’s persimmon and hope to make it to the Saturday farmers market to get a whole mess of them. Other people seem happy about my persimmon jam. This morning I sold eight 4 oz. jars to someone for gifts. A sale before sunrise! It definitely pays to rise early.

I just ordered 15 cases of faceted 4 oz. jars. I was happy sticking to one size only for the jam, but with the popularity of party favors and tiny gifts, I think some cutesie jars will fare well. You know, pocket -sized jam. Stylish yet portable. Fashion and function. I can’t go wrong.


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