Between Mouthfuls

See Them Eat may soon get retitled See Them Hare Krishnas Eat.

More photos going up this week. Just in time for Kartik!  Here’s a sneak peak of Bcd eating his spicy maple syrup lemonade (hey bro, what about your ulcer?!?) with a plastic fork. That is so very non-devotional of him.  He should be using a spoon.  Or is it a sugar cane hand???

Anyway, those monks in Athens sure are funny.  You know, for monks.
I am a little behind in posting and hope everyone who sent stuff will forgive me.  Thank you for not sending me harassing emails.
Balaramacandra Prabhu is such a self-effulgent soul.  And one of the few people I actually knew at my wedding.  His beautiful moonlike face and golden complexion always reminds me of Lord Caitanya.  
In preparation for the Bcd/Athens/Vegan See Them Eat photo spread, here is a little something from Caitanya Bhagavat (Antya Lila…Chapter 3) to set the mood. 

The whole day passed in the ecstasy of dancing and kirtan, and finally the Lord sat down with all the devotees. Sri Advaita begged permission from the Lord to prepare for eating, and busied Himself making the necessary arrangements for all the Vaisanvas’ pradasa.

The Lord sat down to eat with His entire group of devotees. As usual the devotees sat around Him everyone wanting Him to be in the center. Like the many shining luminaries in the dark purple sky were the devotees, and the Lord arose on the horizon looking more iridescent than a million moons.

Mother Saci had prepared a delicious feast in honor of Sri Madhavendra Puri with an incredible variety of rice preparations, vegetables and sweets. The Lord relished the transcendental delicacies and spoke about the glories of Sila Madhavendra Puri between mouthfuls. It was difficult to say which mouthful He relished more.

The Lord said, “If one is fortunate enough to taste this wonderful prasada in honor of Srila Madhavendra Puri’s appearance day,then one is immediately showered with loving devotion to Lord Krsna.”


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