Deva in the City

Tonite Madhava (usually referred to as “my husband”) got home from work early so we decided to all check out the persimmon tree outside Dreamer’s Garden. When we arrived at the garden and I saw the tree, my heart rate quickened and I became rather giddy. But immediate inspection quelled that; there was not a ripe persimmon on the tree. Not a one had even fallen to the ground.

Welcome to Dreamer’s Garden

Free fruit…tree unripened.

I decided to climb the tree to just make sure there was no better fruit out of reach. This, apparently, was too urban hippie for my husband (previously referred to in this post as “Madhava”). He became very antsy and looked like he wanted to get the hell out of there. Fast.

You can take the girl out of the farm….

I told my husband that he wasn’t the hippie I married.

Okay. I didn’t. 

But I did think he was over-reacting to the fruit tree climbing. He said he felt like we were being too ‘Amish in the City.’ That it wasn’t like we were on a farm climbing trees but in the middle of the city (for the record, it actually was *not* anywhere near the middle). Anyway, there were no persimmons to pick. Not yet, at least.

That’s my boy…making his mama proud.

I explained to my husband that this tree was planted for this very purpose; for people to come and pick free fruit! But in the meantime, while I was blabbing away, our son started climbing the tree. This only agitated my suddenly yuppie husband even more! Finally, when my uncultured son made his way down from the tree, we all went inside the garden and checked out the beautiful Meyer lemon tree. Very nice.

The Grouchy Yuppie

Meyer lemons have months to go to ripen.

We are a very athletic family.

Then, over to Ward’s to shop for my 2nd to last stint personal cheffing tomorrow. I also needed to check if my bags of flours and sugars were in. They were not. WJ was my point man; he had taken my order over the phone and was totally on top of things for me. He walked us out to the parking lot to show us the location of the bike shop advertised on his shirt.  Ward’s is such a friendly place to shop.

Me and WJ giving the thumbs down:  my order was not in.  Try again tomorrow.

WJ is going to bike cross country this summer and I recommended that he stop by and meet Boaz on his way out. I think the two would hit it off splendidly. After a movie recommendation from me (Breaking Away) and a promise from WJ (“I’ll call you when the shipment comes in.”), we were off. Two sleeping kids in the backseat and a bucket empty of fruit.

But at least I tried.



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2 responses to “Deva in the City

  1. Syamesvari

    Those are some SERIOUS tree-climbing skills! 🙂

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    thanks syamesvari…i really hate these pictures…but anyway…i wanted to fully capture my enthusiasm for the tree.

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