Making Their Gurus Proud


I just posted the last of the NJ Party People’s pics to See Them Eat.  I am still trying to figure it out–these devotees actually wanted to be on the blog and took the pictures specifically for submission. Most people do not want to be caught in such a compromising position.  
I think these photos give testimony to the intoxicating effect of prasadam.  Actually, the sweets were offered to the newly installed Jagannatha Deities at the home of Gopa and Kisori.  Rumor has it that the prasadam from these beautiful Deities is quite intoxicating.  The Deities are very well fed which means that there is a lot of intoxication available for distribution.
Alright…so the pictures are up…which means I should get a break from all the harassing emails from my friends in New Jersey…threatening to never buy my jam again if I don’t post them!

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