I Love BenLoka (In Theory)

I just discovered BenLoka. Funny guy. To see Ben’s blog, visit benloka.blogspot.com. I linked some YouTube videos here to give you a sample of Ben’s planetary personality. The last video where he talks about moving into the temple is sooo cute! Hopefully Ben will update his blog with the in’s and out’s of acclimating to ashram life. Have fun watching. And yes, I am aware this blog gets about 10 hits a day. So what? All 10 of you, go ahead and have fun! You too, mom. All you have to do is click the links and the computer will do the rest. I promise.




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2 responses to “I Love BenLoka (In Theory)

  1. Sura

    ben is hilarious

  2. Nityananda Chandra Das

    hey it says sura, I guess he was still logged in to this computer, but yes he hilarious, I like his sat nav video

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