Tonite I had plans to meet Jackie at the Union Street Farmers Market in Gainesville.  First, however, I was going to take my kids to hit the persimmon tree outside Dreamer’s Garden.  

Neither happened.
Jackie called a little before 4 to tell me that it was pouring in Gainesville–that it wasn’t just a 10 minute rain shower but an ongoing weather event.  Alachua was gray but precipitation free. I wasn’t too worried about the rain–the kids and I would always pick rose petals in downpours. But of course, our front door was just 50 feet away.
As I was loading a 5 gallon bucket into the car, it started raining. Perfect, I thought.  The storm has left Gainesville and entered Alachua.  But as we began driving into Gainesville, I realized that the storm did not relocate, but rather, it expanded it’s target.

This is actually a shot of the clear Alachua sky….
Gainesville was pouring sheets of rain and I aborted the mission, turning around on 441, heading home.  Only then the sky was so promising and the rain was so light that I decided to give it a go one more time and head back to Gainesville.  Only to then re-enter the wash of rain, prompting me, once again, to hang a u-turn.

Malaise Me

I am so very disappointed.  I think some sort of fruit deprived malaise is taking over my soul.  I must get my jam life in order.  I need to surround myself with the smell of cooking fruit.  Feel the heat of sterile glass jars.  I need the security of stockpiling jar upon jar of deliciously healthy confections.  I need color and order and things a plenty.  
I need local fruit.  The seed of my desire.

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