Cheater’s Cooking

While my Sabjimata Jam Blog has to have some sort of standard for the postings (yes, I know..the standard is getting a little lax), this blog will let anything on. So, here are two little kitchen cheats I utilized in the past 2 days which I am going to share with you here, instead of here.

The first one involves pakoras. Want extra flavorful pakoras without the headwork of putting together some masala? Simply take 6 cups of Doritos for every 2 cups of besan flour and grind those chips up in your food processor. Then sift them into your besan flour. My friend, Kisori, recently told me that they make *organic* Doritos, so if you like your Dorito masala pakoras au natural, it is totally doable.

Ha! I am so funny. No, that is not my cheat. And besides, 6 cups of Doritos to 2 cups of besan would be sick.



So, the first cheat concerns lasagna. Some people use the no bake noodles, which are good but the reason they are no bake is that they are thinner. I have made lasagna with the regular noodles but no bake by making the sauce very saucy and baking a long time. However, even baking well over an hour has left the noodles with a little bite still. By the next day they absorb the sauce and are melty soft. But if you don’t want to make your quick lasagna a two day affair, nor do you want to deal with boiling noodles, you can pre-soak your noodles in water until they soften up a bit. Warm water works best (but warm it in a pan….do not take warm water from the tap…gross!!!).

My other cheat has to do with being frugal…so really it is not cheating but *saving.* I just came across some leftover cake icing which was still edible. The icing was made from cream cheese, carob powder and powdered sugar. Since I wasn’t planning on baking any cakes tonite, I added some whole wheat flour, baking powder and baking soda to the mix to create a cookie not so unlike tea cookies…but a bit more cake-like. I call them sweetie wheaties, because cookies should have cute names (think snickerdoodle).

My sweetie wheaties…edible enough.

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