The ‘F’ Word

Tonite we had some friends over for kirtan and prasad and I am having the realization that I am not in Jersey any more!!!  Although this time and the last time we had friends over for prasad everyone ate heartily, I feel some post-meal guilt that I overfed them.  You see, unlike my friends in New Jersey and PA, the folks down here seem to use the ‘F’ word…and they use it often…

As in, “Oh, no more please…I’m full.”  Or, “You cooked so much; I am so full!”
In Jersey, they like to eat.  Sure, my friends there have a mouth on them. But they don’t use it to say the ‘f’ word (well, not that one at least!).  They use it to eat!  With pleasure.
Now, I don’t want to give you the wrong idea about my Jersey pals. It’s true.  I have heard them say “full” a few times. As in, “Hey, my cup’s not full!” Or, “I’ll take another full plate.”  Seconds, thirds, its all par for the course when feeding those guys.
Oh my northeastern friends…I miss ‘f’ing you up with prasad!!!  Please come visit and I will cook too much for you.  I promise!!!!
Check See Them Eat over the next few days. Kadamba sent me some pics of Jersey kids eating…vegan twinkies!!!!! Oh, a sight to behold!


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2 responses to “The ‘F’ Word

  1. kmala

    we have eating disorders, for sure – and I don't mean the kind where one stops eating.

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    oh stop. you guys are fully realized when it comes to honoring prasad.

    the most fun kind of devotees to cook for!

    miss you!

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