Four Eyes

Last week I had an eye appointment which I had to cancel on account of my newly burnt hand.  I knew that by the time I got to the eye doctor, my ice would have melted and my hand would be feeling the burn all over again.  So today I had my make-up appointment.

I needed to renew the prescription for my contacts and also I wanted to get a pair of proper specs so that when I am cooking late into the nite, my eyes could have some time to relax without plastic applied directly to their surface. A little room to breathe never hurts. By 11 pm my eyes get dry and itchy and I can feel the lenses–which is gross.
The doctor was a nice guy and found me completely hysterical.  He actually asked me what forrest I was raised in because, he said, I acted like I had never had an eye exam before (I have been wearing glasses since I was 6 *sigh*).  I coudn’t handle the handheld lite thing that he shined directly into my eyes.  It made me feel my eyeball, somehow or other.  And then there was a lite that reminded me of a bug zapper. I couldn’t handle it.  I think I was the most amusing patient of the day.
Oh, and the doc corrected me.  Apparently it is an eye exam faux pas to ask “how blind am I now?”  And that is when I learned that blindness levels off at around age 26.  See, I got him talking my lingo.
My new glasses should be ready in a couple of days.  And then I can cook into the nite without dry eyes.  Of course, I’ll have to deal with steamed lenses.  Which reminds me, the lasik surgery mistake rate is now down to only 2%!


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2 responses to “Four Eyes

  1. Mandakini/Margaret

    That picture of you is awesome! Like something from a sci-fi flick. Glad you will be able to cook late into the night with out getting dried up eyeballs.

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    oooh..but my bindi fell off!!! it doesn’t even look like me (without my red stickered forehead!!!!).xoxox

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