Sunday Report (Zzzzzzzzzz!)

Today is Sunday.  Today I set up at the Sunday Feast.  Today is now tonite.

These Sunday Report postings tend to get a little loopy so I will keep it short and to the point. At least I will try to.  I am so tired after staying up until 5 am cooking for today.  Usually I begin baking late Saturday afternoon but since I was vending at the Honor Thy Neighbor Festival, I got a late start on things.  Also, I’ve expanded my repertoire to include bread, focaccia and cheesecake; all oven preps and all baked at different temps.  
Scattered showers in the evening clearing as the nite went on.  Whew.   It wasn’t looking good, but thankfully, looks can be deceiving.  But as the rain lifted, the temperature dropped. It was a bit chilly for my tastes.

My kids were kind of bugging me when I was setting up.  They were silently threatening to touch my stuff.  The last thing I wanted after a nite of 3 hours sleep was a finger in my cheescake.  I handed them each a buck and sent them over to Siladitya and Muhkya to buy whatever they wanted at the Krishna Co-op table.  They each came back with 2 chocolate chip cookies.  Good deal.

Last week there were no croissants because my dough did not properly rise.  The same thing happened this week but I was determined to have croissants. I gave it another crack around 3 in the morning.  Thankfully, the dough was light and silky and rose to the top of the bowl.  The only adjustment I would have made to these croissants was a teeny bit more sugar.

Yeah, I know. We look like twins (although I didn’t look anything like this little elfy girl when I was a kid).  Madhumati was a good girly and kept me company at my table while everyone watched the drama under the big tent (same drama as last nite),

I do accept change, although I would rather not. That is why all my prices are in whole dollar amounts.  There girls, however, were determine to get a kabob before they sold out, which was soon after their purchase.

My little bud, Ramananda, and his dad, Thakur, enjoy a cookie and some kabobs. Usually they get them for free when they come over our house, but they don’t mind paying when we are at my place of business. 

Here I am posing with Carana Renu, who is Welsh but lives in Brazil. If there were thought bubbles above our heads, they would read like this:

Devadeva’s:  I wonder what my life would be like if I was an astro-physicist?
Carana Renu’s:  I wonder what my life would be like if I made jam?


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2 responses to “Sunday Report (Zzzzzzzzzz!)

  1. Carana Renu dasi

    Wow, I look especially dorky in that photo. By the way, the pizza thing with the sausage and capers was yummy! Thanks!

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    that was the point!!!! great meeting you and your husband. have a fun life being a genius astrophysicist housewife!

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