Feel the Burn

Yesterday when I was cooking, I reach for a pan of roasted vegetables which had been out of the oven for some time but had been sitting close to the stove (flame on high).

Ahhhh, totally singed flesh. As soon as I heard the sizzle of my hand on the pan, I knew I was in for it. Perscription silver cream, as well as a constant supply of ice, were my best friend (I have to remember to keep some frozen blocks of tofu on hand). But the area I burnt was large–top of thumb all the way down to my palm–and kind of wrecked my day. Somehow I finished cooking, dropped off the meals and then was off to get my kids from school. On the ride home, my ice had melted and my hand felt as though I was willingly holding hot coals.

I turned on the ac and blasted the cold air on my hand, which was good for the last mile until I got home and was able to refill my rag with ice.

In the morning I had begun cutting chillies for pickle—being careful, of course, to wear gloves so I didn’t burn my hand. Oh, the irony. But all my projects were abandoned with the loss of functionality of my right hand. The burn, which was tended to right away, does not look bad at all. But it kept me up until 2:45 am. That is when it finally stopped throwing major heat.

So now I am a day behind. I still have to clean my kitchen from yesterday. And I was just tipped off about a killer persimmon tree with free pickings in Gainesville. Hopefully I will make it there before school is out.

Can’t beat free fruit.



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2 responses to “Feel the Burn

  1. Jahnavi

    Ouch! Hope it heals ok!

  2. Padi

    Awww, you poor thing. I hate it when that happens!

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