Guava Peach Palm Conserve

This morning I awoke extra early so that I could whip up a batch of Guava Peach Palm Conserve before getting my kids up for school. I am really inspired by the tropical selection of local Florida fruit and am determined to make jam–even if that means waking way before sunrise to prep and cook my fruit.

The Guava Peach Palm Conserve is a sheer delight! The predominant color is the pinkish blush of the guava dotted with the sunny halves of the peach palm fruit. Both the Persimmon Peach Palm Conserve and the Guava Peach Palm Conserve are so tropical and exotic (at least to this jam maker transplant from Pennsylvania) that I am beginning to lose all recollection of my wonderful crabapple trees( which should be laden with fruit) at our house in Pennsylvania. With these jams I have been transported to a realm of fruit possibility which did not exist for me in the northeastern part of the U.S.

I am not listing this jam for sale because there are only a few jars. But if you really really want it…enough that you email me, then I will let you buy it. But you have to make an effort on your part. It’s just that special.



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4 responses to “Guava Peach Palm Conserve

  1. Ekavali

    WOW! Look at that pink guava! In India they are green outside, white on the inside. I love the guava and the guava shall be mine! What’s your e-mail address so I can place my stake!

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    sabjimata@gmail.combut your jar is reserved. the pink is nice, no? native to florida.

  3. Ekavali

    I’m so silly. I’ve been thinking that I’d get a response back from you on facebook. I finally realised that I should maybe check your blog and see if you responded there. Sure enough, you did! Silly me!

  4. Devadeva Mirel

    ekavali…i love you but i am lousy at responding to lengthy emails. small doses does me best. and as always, i can be found at my blog.happy kartik! i am still planning on responding to that fun and fabulous email you sent me. xo

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