Storehouse of Love

Last nite I attended perhaps the most moving program in my short career as a devotee. It was in honor of Mata Saci, the departed wife of Premananda Goura Prabhu and the mother of Bali and Kish.
There is so much I could say about the program and the devotees, but I honestly have less than no time.  Basically, I have never felt such concentrated love before.  Premananda Goura is an amazing soul–so full of life and free of envy.  He and his sons have so much taste for the Holy Name. And they all attribute their good qualities to Mata Saci, their heart and soul.
The story of Premananda Goura and Mata Saci’s marriage is a true love story. And the story only continues with Prabhu’s utter devotion and love to his wife.  I have never heard a man so wholeheartedly glorify his wife’s qualities before.  
I cannot do the event justice. There was amazing kirtan followed by some heartfelt words of love and appreciation by Bali.  Premananda Goura unveiled a website dedicated to his wife, an ongoing project in honor of her pure service as a wife, mother and Krishna bhakta.  Then the Mayapuris, accompanied by Yaitza on cello, performed the most moving rendition of Parama Karuna.  As an encore, Jaggi performed an original song he wrote about the Divine Couple–poetry set to acoustic guitar.  
I cannot believe the good fortune I have to live amongst such amazing devotees.  
At the end of all the chanting, Premananda Goura was like, “Turn to the person next to you and tell them you love them!”  Ha! I already did. As soon as the kirtan was over I had turned to Vish and declared my love to him.  The kirtan of these devotees is resuscitating my spiritual life.
I am so greatful to Mayapur Malini for taking me into her family. If I cannot be a Rico, at least I can be French Canadian.  
On the way home from the program, Venumadhava asked, “Can we visit another planet.”  
I replied, “If we chant Krishna’s names purely with love we can.”
“You mean Krishna’s planet.”
“Yup, that’s right.”
And then he said, “Can we go to Premananda Goura’s house everyday and chant?”


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5 responses to “Storehouse of Love

  1. Nityananda Chandra Das

    thank you for sharing thists

  2. Ananga-manjari

    incredibly moved! moved to tears! how i miss being in alachua. see you in november.

  3. Mayapur

    Dear Mataji,I am so moved by your kind words,I am so happy that you apretiated the program,and the vibration of New Godruma Dwuipa,all of this is due to the mercy of Guru and Gouranga.
    I have a very deep afection for these wonderfull children,and my goal is to one day serve them in many aspects,they are our future,I missed your prabhu,well I guess we have to know each other by separation.One day we have to organize a camping day,so we can do bonfire,and have the Kids do marshmallows,by the fire and read Krsna stories to them,and camp out here in the land.We belong to the devotees. My sons are the ones that give me energy to keep doing this nama hattas.You are my sister,and I am telling you, your son is a very wonderfull vaisnava,he is older that you and me,lol,he came to this world to make Srila Prabhupada more famous.I am happy that fired up vaisnavas as yourself move here to New Raman Reti,thank you for you wonderfull prasadham and I hope we get to spend some more wonderfull sanga together,your servant

  4. Devadeva Mirel


  5. Jahnavi

    Thankyou so much for posting this, I was also very moved. I never knew Mata Saci, but I feel I am able to understand how wonderful a person she was through knowing her amazing family and hearing about her from everyone that did have a chance to be with her – she is an example to everyone…

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