Sunday Report

Because so many people have written to me concerned about my cancer inducing sleep schedule, and because I am so tired all the time, I have been trying to go to bed earlier. This, of course, is cramping my style big time. More time sleeping means less time cooking for the mere tuppence it earns me.  Today I had a lot of daytime cooking to do in preparation for the Sunday feast.

A big problem I have with doing anything during the day is that my children are awake! Thankfully, Thakur stopped by today to invite them to the springs. Once they were out of the house, cooking was a little more focused. Okay, a lot more.
My croissant dough kind of pooped out, so  I ditch the effort after a desperate attempt at a last minute second batch.  Last time I made the dough, I was so tired I forgot to put the yeast back in the fridge. I think this effected the rise of the dough.  I made some bread from the dough, which rose in the oven. But since it wasn’t spilling over from the bowl during the rising period, I wasn’t confident that this dough was croissant worthy.  At least not Sabjimata Croissant worthy.

Don’t be sad, Carob Brownies…I’ll eat you!

As a last minute thing I made splelt flour carob brownie cake, which I assure you, tastes better than real life chocolate brownies–or at least on par with. Really, it does.  But many people were scared off from them when they heard it was carob.  Unfortunately, carob has gotten a bad rap in the Manichean world of carob vs. chocolate. Hello people. You don’t have to hate carob to love chocolate!

Friends like to split their kebobs…1 for $3 or 2 for $5…it’s a deal!

“So you’re Sabjimata?”  It’s true. I am Sabjimata.  Sabjimata Mirel, they call me.

My kebobs are outshining my jam in popularity.  I have made so many in the past few weeks that, personally, I can barely stand the sight of them. But most people who pass by the table are magnetically drawn towards them. It was very funny.  There were two girls, about 8 or 10, walking on a diagonal in front of my table.  One small girl’s eyes locked onto the kebobs and she did a total zag and headed straight for them.  I don’t think she even blinked once.
One young woman who was unsure about whether or not to get a kebob skeptically handed over the $3 for one and went off to eat in solitude. She returned a few minutes later asking if I could make 300 for her wedding.  Sure thing.
Harriet’s cookies are a super hit, as well.  People appreciate that I use spelt flour and Sabjimata Jam, which is what these cookies are all about. There is one man who comes by my table at the end of the night and buys out whatever cookies are left.

Kish mugging for the camera with his sausage sample. Very photogenic.

And people really like samples. Thankfully they have quit asking for samples of the barbecued gluten kebobs (as if that was even a tiny bit funny).

Free massages!  Secretly, the idea of a massage terrifies me. But I guess it is not a secret anymore.  I must overcome my fear!!!!

“Jaya Gopal only tops his gelato with Sabjmata fruit sauce.”

Madhavi Lata dishing out the sorbetto.


It was a night of bartering. I traded 2 jars of Persimmon Peach Palm Conserve and 1 jar of Persimmon Conserve for 2 massage gift certificates (only to find out later that the gift certificates were going to be mine anyway, regardless of the jam…drats!).  Also, I bartered a jar of Sabjimata Anise Cherry Sauce with Jaya Gopala and Madhavai Lata in exchange for gelato for my family.  Since I have been eating paneer at every meal since Wednesday, I decided to go for the sorbetto.  I love dairy, but it is starting not to love me back.

The apsaras, kinnaras and gandharvas.

Venumadhava on air mrdanga.

When it got dark I joined my family in the temple room where Vish was leading bhajans (so good).  My son played some air mrdanga as my daughter danced like a gopi in training.
And then I went home and counted my money.


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8 responses to “Sunday Report


    I love Venumadhava’s air mrdanga. A classic!

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    he doesnt go anywhere without his air mrdanga!!!

  3. Malla-Praharana Das Adhikari GPS

    Haribol AGTSP Pamhohehehehehehe dont be afraid of Massages, my wife is a professional Massage therapist, if you come to Panama she says she can trade jam for massages hehehehehehehehe, nice report

  4. Devadeva Mirel

    but the massage therapist…is…a…MAN!!!! sounds kind of intimate! maybe i can hitch hike a ride down to panama.

  5. By The Bolt

    You can just get a chair massage. Not quite as…. well… exposed, but still relaxing.

  6. Devadeva Mirel

    whatever i do…i do BIG!!!!!!!!

  7. Jahnavi

    i love seeing your sunday reports – no need to buy and expensive plane ticket and attend the sunday feast in alachua – just read your blogs 😀

  8. Devadeva Mirel

    jahnavi, what are you talking about? i’ve seen you at the temple here more than i have seen some local devotees!

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