A Day Late and a Dollar Short


Mondays are my days to recover from Sunday.  I like to scrub my kitchens and get everything in order.  Since I wasn’t personal cheffing today (client out of town until Wednesday), I thought it would also be a good day to do a little housework.

I left a little early to pick my kids up from school with the intention of pit-stopping at my neighborhood peach palm tree for a little fruit picking.  When  I got there I was completely disappointed.  A day late and a dollar short, the palm peach was past its prime.  Most of the fruit that was on the tree the other day was now lying on the ground rotting.
Today I have the pleasure of watching Varsana and Ramananda, two swell kids that my little ones like hanging out with.  At Gita Nagari the only friend my kids really played with was Kirtan Rasa, who was a big 9 year old.  Here we have kids over a few times of week but most often enough they are 3 or 4 years old. It is a completely different experience when they are this young. When Kirtan Rasa would come over, I could easily bust out a few cases of jam know ing that he was big and could kind of take care of things for himself. But with little kids, it is a constant drone of I’m hungry I spilled I need to wash my hands I want my mommy I’m not inviting you to my birthday party I want to see it I have to poop  I don’t like pasta with cheese on it I want juice Well can’t you go to the store and buy some?
So, to say it is time consuming and energy draining is an understatement.

Ramananda in Chestnut Bliss.

Venumadhava dissecting his nut.

We hung out for a while at the school playground. There are nut trees all over Alachua and the kids gathered chestnuts. My son actually was able to get into the shell and retrieve the nut–sharing with his friends. I like that the kids are aware of the fact that food comes from nature and not the store.

Me and my staff at the bank.

Afterwards we went to the bank to make the Sabjimata weekly deposit.  Normally I would avoid such in and out activity with kids in tow. I find the whole car seat/seatbelt thing debilitating.  But it had to be done, despite my young entourage.
Tonite I am going to a kirtan program.  The week is actually filled with social engagements. I have started doing some volunteer work at my temple and am trying to devote more time to my spiritual development.  
But I am beginning to wonder:  When will I have time for Jam?

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