Feliz Cumpleanos

Today my husband worked. I woke the kids up to bring them to the temple, despite the fact that it is Saturday. It is good to go see Krishna, plus I had my too thick kheer (oops…will do better next time, I promise!) to drop off for the Deities. I am feeling very fortunate to have moved to a ready made Krishna conscious community, where kirtan and class and aroti are going independent of our attendance at the temple. I feel, however, that I need to take greater advantage of this reservoir of nectar. I need to remind myself not to take the availability of association for granted.

After class my kids hung out with Indrani’s boys, wrestling and throwing our stuffed monkey up into a tree.  Madhumati surely attracted Srimati Radharani’s attention this morning in her purple sari, pink dupatta and leopard print cardigan.  

This afternoon we attended a birthday party. We got there on time, which basically meant early.  My son and the boys passed the time wrestling.  Venumadhava is really into wrestling ever since he saw the South American gurukulis wrestle the Vrindavan gurukulis on Youtube.

He especially liked that all the boys had sikhas and were tough.

Can I tell you how awesome I think the Rico clan is?  The party literally got started once Premananda Goura Prabhu arrived.  “Who wants cake???!!!”  All the kids were like “YAAAY!!!!”  Prabhu clapped his hands together and said, “Okay, so first we are going to have a kirtan and all the kids have to chant….LOUDLY…and then you can have cake!!!!!”  I don’t even think I can communicate his enthusiasm with exclamation marks so I will sort of give up now.

He chants very beautifully, with sort of a raspy voice. And he really has a knack for getting the kids, especially the boys, involved.  All the boys were playing instruments and chanting.  And I have to say, my little loudmouth did me proud by chanting the loudest and with intense enthusiasm.  Venumadhava is such an energetic kid. He just needs to use his powers for good.
After Premananda Goura prabhu’s kirtan, the birthday boy–Vishnu–led Narasingha prayers.  I was very impressed that the children were so focused on their chanting.  After kirtan was some jal keli–sporting in the pool–and then prasadam.  But before all of that, we received special mercy in the form of Lord Narasimhadeva’s tooth from the murti in Mayapur.  I was excited to get gently impaled by this maha because I once had a tooth from Narasimhadeva. This was in 1997 and it was only in my possession for a few days before I gave it as a Vyasa Puja offering to my diksa guru, but the feeling of having it was potent while it lasted.

Next, Prabhu grabbed this box off his altar and started saying “Here’s Kurma! Here’s Kurma! Anybody want to see Kurma!” The kids all crowded around to look at the sila. 

Vishnu and his cake, which Mayapur Malini made from the Eggless Cakes book and it tasted super good–light and rich.  While having prasadam I was just overwhelmed by my good fortune; I have a really full life.  It has been 7 weeks since we moved to Alachua and already I feel settled and at home. I have met some really nice women and my kids are in with a nice bunch of little ones.

Premananda Gaura Prabhu was saying that they have to have camping and bon fires at their house. This is what they did for Bali and Kish when they were small.  All the kids would come to their house for a weekend of fun fun fun. Prabhu was saying how all those kids are still friends today. And I see this. They are so close, like family. When I talk to the parents of my kids’ friends, everyone says the same thing.  That these friendships they are making now are going to be their lifelong friendships.  It is, in a word, fantastic. 


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4 responses to “Feliz Cumpleanos

  1. bret

    Meanwhile Bali and Kish were rarking it up watching the Gators. Yeah, Alachua. Gotta love it.

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    did you go to the game, too?

  3. Lavanga

    No fair. Don't make me want to move to Alachua…

  4. Devadeva Mirel

    lavanga…that would be impossible. but if i can spark some desire….nah…target is too far away!

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