Devadeva’s Day Out

Yes, I know I referred to myself in third person in the title of this blog post. That just sets the stage for what a psychotic day I had! Not really, but it was tiring.

I began the day finishing off a saffron cheesecake for my cooking client’s Friday nite soiree. Caramel yum yum.  Everyone wants a piece of this action!

Then I drove very very far away to Jacksonville, to a very very hoighty toighty outdoor mall populated with the kind of people you think of when you think of Florida. The experience made me feel very farm and very not blonde. Oh, and very short and very flat.  And pale. And badly dressed. Oh, and very disinclined towards shopping as an activity in and of itself.

But I wasn’t there for shopping; I was there to get my flat,  non-blonde Macbook fixed. It was broken. Sean Carolan/Sudama suggested uninstalling Office (which was giving me problems) and re-installing, but instead of listening to him, I took it to the Apple Store. But guess what? That is exactly what needed to be done. Apparently Office was so corrupt that I would not have been able to uninstall it myself. I needed a “Genius.” Thankfully, the Apple Store was well staffed with Geniuses.

My assigned “Genius,” Chris.

After my Apple repair, I stopped by YogaBerry for a frozen treat. I was really excited when I saw the shop. When I read about these frozen yogurt spots opening in New York, I vowed I would visit one before moving south. But as fate (and packing) had it, we never made it to Manhattan, much less out of Juniata County.


The appeal of this yogurt is that it is sour–like real yogurt. It is not flavored with vanilla or berry or banana or whatever. It is just unadorned, frozen yogurt. When I was little my mother regularly shopped at Saks (how the hell did she afford that?) and we ate lunch at the Saks restaurant. Always for dessert we ordered the frozen yogurt, which was pleasingly sour.

Click the pic to see all the gross, unhealthy toppings up close.  Cocoa Pebbles, anyone?

My yogurt fantasy was topped with honey, banana and wheat germ. However, YogaBerry pretty much only had crap toppings. Like Fruity Pebbles. Ick. So I got my 8 oz. yogurt (which, by the way, was too too big) topped with banana, blueberries and strawberries. This was, sadly, a mistake. The banana was okay but the blueberry and especially the strawberry were too overpowering; once I had a taste of those fruits I could no longer taste the yogurt.

The other problem with the yogurt (and yes I am acutely aware of how asinine it is for me to be going on and on about yogurt…but I don’t get out much and really, I take dairy products very seriously) was ( sounds so foodie of me to say this but…here it goes…) the mouthfeel. The yogurt, which is frozen in a soft serve machine, was too cold and icy. It was not smooth. It did not melt in my mouth (or in the cup for that matter). I don’t know what kind of stabilizers YogaBerry uses for its yogurt (which is organic), but I feel they could definitely use a master recipe make-over. Maybe adding some fat to their yogurt would help!

By the time I got done with this part of my Jacksonville tour, it was already past 2pm. I brought directions with me for the Jacksonville Farmers Market, and even though I was already out later than I planned to be, headed across town with hopes of scoring some locally grown fruit.

Right away I was struck by the fact that most of the people selling produce were, in fact, not farmers. It seemed like they just bought produce wholesale and were reselling it at the market *cheap*. There were many vendors and most had none or little of their teeth in their mouth. Bare bones and raw, there was no illusion that one just stumbled upon a fresh air market in a cobble stoned paved European city center. No. This was not an experience to be savored. Just a place to pick up some fresh produce at discount prices.

The pepper lady was very nice and knowledgeable. She was happy to give me a good price for buying all her locally grown chilies.

Most of the vendors were very nice and honest, I have to say. Here is a photo of a woman I bought chilies from. These chilies were grown in Starke, which is closer to Alachua than to Jacksonville. I asked one vendor where some fruit was from and she answered “Miami.” “No, not where did you get it from, where was it grown?” She didn’t like this question and just clicked her gums at me. Dissed and dismissed.

Like many vendors, this man was selling locally grown muscaadine grapes.  “My fruit is all sweet….like me!”  He made me take his picture a few times until he got his “chillin’ like Cool J” pose down. I kid you not, this is what he said. Hey, Ladies Love Cool James. I bought nothing from this gentleman.

This is the joint.

I have no desire to return to the Jacksonville Farmers Market, which is located by the fine dining establishment of Tian’s Kitchen Chinese Food. But I appreciate that people are able to get fresh produce at cut rate prices in the middle of the worse part of town. The farmers market may not exactly be the epitome of “green pathways out of poverty“, but it is a definite plus for the local community.

I did buy local honey from this man who was very nice and helpful about the honey selection (which he purchases from a local honey man).  We don’t really eat honey, but if we want to…well, let’s just say it is now an option.

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