Bad Apple

Anyone who semi-regularly reads this blog knows that when it comes to technology, I might was well have been born in 1952.  I am a know nothing about these things.  And if you are my “friend” on Facebook, you would also know how desperately I have been appealing for help, only to find out that pretty much no one on Facebook has a Mac.  And I thought my “friends” were cool!  They all use PC’s!!!! Shudder to think!
Anyway,  when my Macbook started flashing a “not enough memory”error when I tried opening any of the Microsoft Office programs, I immediately contacted Rathi, my Harvard tech support friend. But even he couldn’t figure it out.  So right now I am without ability to print my crappy labels, I cannot make my invoices in Excel to bill my crappy client (just kidding, he is really nice…but the word crappy just fit perfectly for dramatic effect) and I simply can’t figure out what is wrong with my crappy computer!  
When I have time, I will contact Apple to see if they have a clue.  I had extra memory installed before this thing was shipped to me, so I do not know what the problem is. 
Do you?
Desperately seeking tech support,
The Owner of this Crappy Business


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2 responses to “Bad Apple

  1. Prema-Rupa Devi Dasi

    Haribol!I have a MacBook, maybe I can help?The reason you couldnt find any Mac users on Facebook is because we’re far too cool to use mainstream means of communication. heh.Anyway, are you sure you didnt use up all of your memory? When you open “Macintosh HD” the bottom of the window will tell you how much space you have left. For example mine says “17 items, 36.42 GB available”. Try deleting something that takes up a bit of space (but you can get it back later- I would hate for you to lose something important) and see what happens when you try to open up Excel.Have you considered investing in an external hard-drive? They arent too expensive for the amount of space you get.Hope that was somewhat helpful. I do enjoy your blog- it makes me hungry.yours in service,Prema-Rupa Devi Dasi

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    sorry for the lag in replying…and thanks for your advice! and for reading my posts 😉

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