Sunday Report (WOO-HOO!)

It’s Sunday nite so therefore I am writing my obligatory blog post about my table at the Sunday Feast.  But let me assure you, even though I feel obliged to do this posting, the pleasure is all mine.

Tonite was a fun nite.  Strike that. It was a *FUN* NITE*!!!!  My vata was already flying pretty high before the nite began.  The crowd was large and a lot of people were stopping by and hanging out at my table.  I had the young and talented Rasika dasi as my sidekick, blasting her cd (yeah right, her ’10’ was more like a ‘6’).  So between the unexpected musical jiggle of her traditional Bengali bhajans and the fact that I get kind of loopy when the sun is setting and lots of people are around to talk to, we had one *HECK* of a time.  Golly gee, we sure did.

The fun began when Padi stopped by my table to gift me some muscadine grapes she picked this weekend. No really, when you make jam, free fresh fruit is about as fun as it usually gets.

If you have never seen a muscadine grape, let me tell you, they are big! Let the good times roll!!!!!!!!!

Clepto youth were a big problem tonite. Uh, didn’t I tell you last week to bring your wallet, honey?

What a party!!! Here, Amala Purana tries to eat beautiful baby Manjulali Manjari just so he can get his photo on See Them Eat.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Aren’t those Kiwis hysterical!!! Braja goes hog wild trying to make fun of See Them Eat. Who’s laughing now, I ask? (Answer: ME!!!!! I’m laughing. Baaahaaahaaaaahaaaa!!!! —see, vata very very high!)

Jaya Gopal’s gelato made its Sunday debut. I even told some customers, “Whaddya doing buying spelt cookies from me when you can get Jaya Gopal’s gelato?”  They agreed and quickly split from my table.  
I followed them for a medium sized triple treat (priced too low, I have to say) of hazlenut, mango (ignore the melty mango in the shot…seconds later wifey arrived with a fresh batch of mango…and strawberry!) and pistachio.  

Maybe it’s this emo haircut that is making me act like such a freak. Click on the photo to see my overbite up close and laaaaarge!!!!!  It likes to make its appearance when I am vata fly.  Chomp. Chomp.  

Despite my utter lack of composure, respectable people still stopped by my table. Bhakta Rupa, from the Indian state of Orissa, came by to check out my jam and just be a nice guy. I gave him a copy of Rasika’s cd and told him to bootleg it all over India. Rasika wasn’t so psyched about that. Guess I owe her some croissants.

Into the night Jaya Gopal slaved away at his gelateria. Moments after this photo, rain poured down and Jaya Gopal and his wife, Madhavi Lata, quickly set up a tent so that there was no rain on their gelato parade. I have to say, the gelato is awesome! Gelato is often made with eggs, so it was a treat to get an eggless version. It is frozen at a slightly warmer temperature than ice cream, making a completely different experience. It is naturally soft, frozen enough to hold its shape until placed in the mouth, where it instantly melts into cold, sweet flavored cream. it won’t freeze your brain and, as Jaya Gopal likes to tell the ladies, has half the fat of regular ice cream.


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