Addendum: Sunday Report (WOO-HOO!)

Well I was having so much fun being snippy vata high that I forgot to brag about how wonderfully loved my cooking was today. Before the program was even halfway over I sold out of gluten kebobs. And not much later I sold out of sausage, croissants and cookies. Wowie. People were coming by my table later in the evening looking for gluten kebobs and all I could offer them was a single ply napkin to wipe their tears of disappointment with.

Earlier in the day, I didn’t even think I was going to set up at the Sunday Feast. The weather report said rain all day and although it was raining when we awoke in the morning, it did not rain again until around 8pm. But I went about my day as if I was not going to be setting up, so I did make the ghee for tomorrow and leisurely started in on the multiple rolling out of the croissants, figuring they will be family fare. But about 3 hours before the usual set up time, I realized the weather reports around here are highly inaccurate and got to work cooking up gluten and baking those croissants.

The croissant dough I used this week was slightly stiffer than previous attempts. Also, the weather was a bit cooler, which made rolling it out easier in the sense that the butter didn’t just ooze but tougher in the sense that everything stayed more solid and less flexible. Because my stature and rolling pin are small, I devised a new technique which would give me more leverage over the dough. Aren’t I inventive?

I made ghee for my Monday cook day and have to admit, I was kind of nervous that I would end up doing something ruinous to the 6 pounds of organic butter in my charge. Thankfully, all that was ruined was the water content of the butter, making 3 quarts of ghee and yet another dirty pot in my kitchen to wash.

Which is what I am going to do now.

Vata tired.


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