Asian Pears: Not in My Backyard!

The lot backing our property lies vacant, except for the dense Florida jungle which verdantly grows on it.  Thankfully our land is not nearly as jungle-y.  Still, we don’t have much good growing on our property.

But just beyond our property line, almost smothered by the tropical growth surrounding it, is one singular Asian pear tree.  And since no one else is picking these pears, we, of course, did!  Actually, it was my husband who did the picking. I was out buying persimmon.
We noticed the pears when we first moved here about 6 weeks ago, but they needed time to sweeten up.  Other area trees had pears ripe for the picking, but I imagine the filtered sunshine caused our pears (well, they really aren’t ours…) to take a little longer.
Right now I am in the kitchen baking cookies, rolling croissants (actually, “laminating” croissants) and thinking about doing other stuff for Sunday which I know I will not get to until, well, Sunday. One of the things I have to do on Sunday is make ghee for cooking with on Monday.  That is, of course, after I come back from the temple on Sunday evening.  Then come Monday I have to cook a week’s worth of food for my client (the word “client” makes me feel so Professional).  So the pears will have to wait at least until Tuesday to meet their destiny.  Which is….
Another jam cliffhanger.  
Can you handle it?

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One response to “Asian Pears: Not in My Backyard!

  1. karunamayi

    No, really… if you could see me, you’de see Karuna, poised at the tip of her computer chair (which has an AMAZING story all on it’s very own, BTW) unable to move with the sheer anticipation of Tuesday’s Prasadam revelation. You’re killing me!!!

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