See Them Eat

When I’m not attending RISD or playing in my new wave band, I’m snapping shots of people chowing down for my newest and least improved blog:  See Them Eat.

According to what I’ve posted to the sidebar of See Them Eat:

See Them Eat is a photographic collection of people caught in the act of enjoying food.

Eating is pretty fundamental, intrinsically pleasurable and kind of gross. So let’s document it !

I started taking pictures of people eating when I set up my table to sell my jams and stuff and I found the concept completely fascinating. To me, the best picture of someone eating is a picture which conventionally would not seem like a good picture at all. Typically, it is not very flattering, the mouth is all contorted or hanging open mid-bite. Yet, I find these shots compelling because they convey a certain basic kind of sensual experience.

People’s relationship with food is so complex. It can be a source of bodily nourishment, psychological love, emotional comfort or physical punishment. And to see a moment of that captured mid chew is, in my opinion, an intimate curiosity.

All of a sudden I have a strange and overwhelming urge to view a foreign film. Farewell my Concubine!



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2 responses to “See Them Eat

  1. Malla-Praharana Das Adhikari GPS

    Wich New wave band?? ill like to hear that, Devadeva and the sabjimatas or the moon of jam????Jayaaaaaaaaa!!!

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    nah….just i wanted an excuse to post some talking heads.

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