Sudra Bhakti

vande shri-krishna-chaitanya-
nityanandau sahoditau
gaudodaye pushpavantau
chitra shandau tamo-nudau

“I offer my respectful obeisances unto Sri Krishna Caitanya and Lord Nityananda, who are like the sun and moon. They have arisen simultaneously on the horizon of Gauda to dissipate the darkness of ignorance and thus wonderfully bestow benediction upon all.” (Cc.Adi.1.2.)

Today I dressed my Gaura Nitai. It was a long time coming. We have been in Alachua five or six weeks now and Gaura Nitai have only been dressed once. Poor Gaura Bhagavan.

My service to Gaura Nitai is sporadic because I am afflicted with no desire to be in the mode of goodness. Passion passion passion keeps me going and going right past Gaura Nitai, who don’t need my attention but appreciate it just the same.

Today I was able to slow down enough to take a walk through our yard, desperately trying to find something in bloom for the Sri Sri. Our previous two houses had gardens always in bloom (except, of course, in the dead of Gita Nagari’s too long winter).  Here, despite an abundance of greenery, I felt lucky to find some flowering weeds.  We definitely have to plant some good stuff free of huge, protruding stamens.  We always ended up with gardens full of Shiva flowers. 

After gathering enough flowers to fit in only one teeny vase, I dressed Gaura Nitai in their sun and moon outfits.  I used to wipe them down everyday with rose water and dress them but that was months ago. Gaura Nitai have sadly been neglected (but fed, I promise you) over recent months.  Once we moved to Alachua, I wanted to start dressing them every Ekadasi, like a good householder, but Gaura Nitai know I am not a good householder.  So I know Ekadasi is coming next week, but the spirit moved me, so to speak, today and I dressed Gaura Nitai without occasion (other than the fact that They’re God and I am lower than the straw in the street).
Anyway, I know Their dress is very simple, but the effect is intensely cooling.

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