Keep Your Nutraceuticals Out of My Food Supply!!

Fish in your orange juice? Why not if it doesn’t stink! That, apparently, is the logic Tropicana is employing in order to amp up the nutritional value of it’s product line. This is the kind of stuff that just makes me want to get a miniature zebu and a tricked out square foot gardening plan. Anyway, if you want to become properly terrified of the U.S. food supply, follow this New York Times link to read Julia Moskin’s article, “Superfood or Monster from the Deep.”



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3 responses to “Keep Your Nutraceuticals Out of My Food Supply!!

  1. Anonymous

    That is sick. Another thing to worry about. Everything in Kali Yuga is contaminated. Time to get out of here.Haribol. Gopa

  2. Devadeva Mirel


  3. Bidya

    yeah that’s really gross. i used to work for pepsi on international tropicana products, and for a lot of their international beverages they use this ingredient called beta carotene as a color dye, which is derived from fish. the one exception is india, where they use beta carotene derived from plants, which is more expensive to get. i had this conversation with my old boss once, and he commented that he was saying that he was sure they’d want to use the fish-derived beta if they could get away with it, but by law they would have to put a ‘non-veg’ sticker on the drink, and then people would be appropriately grossed out and not buy it. he was a tool. i’m so glad i’m not there anymore.

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