Sunday Report

Rasika and her cd.  
I had a lot of fun tonite setting up at the Hare Krishna temple. Rasika dasi was right in front of my table, blasting her new cd–Kirtaniya Sada Hari–which everyone (non-Hindus and Hindus alike) should buy without question. It is a total hip shaking, shoulder rolling traditional-style recording that will put a little extra kushi in your bhajan.

The nite always starts off a little slow.  Here is Kapila Prabhu kicking off the croissant buying.  I definitely feel the croissants were ready to make their appearance and people were very attracted to them.   There were, however, a little too many inquiries as to what was inside them. Seems like people would have preferred them to be stuffed with cheese and spinach or filled wich chocolate or cream.  But after I explained that the point of the croissant was for people to have something to spread their jam on, the masses generally chilled out and surrendered to the butter-yum of these oversized pastries.

Terry was just visiting the Hare Krishna temple with a friend. He is a “non-vegetarian” and spent the summer in Italy eating sausage. That’s right.  Meat sausage.  Terry tasted my vegan sausage and proclaimed it some of the best sausage he’s ever eaten.  I know there are Italian pigs dancing in the streets from that proclamation.

Amal and Nadia act cute sampling the sausage.  Next time, kids, bring your wallet!!!

Some visitors from Gainesville dig the sausage.  And they had their wallet.

Me. Yes, I cut my hair.  Let’s not talk about it.

In addition to this yummy stuff, I also sold out of my barbecued gluten kebobs. I wanted to make some satay kebobs to sell, but there was no time.  Maybe this week will be longer…

Chaturatma digs the Saffron Cardamom Peach Conserve. “Amazing!”  Hey, he said it, not me.
It was a good nite in sales and now I am very tired.  But I still have to do kitchen clean up and then I need to prep some stuff for my personal cheffing tomorrow.   But I promise to be in bed by midnite.  Hmph. It is already 10:15.  How about sometime a little after midnite?



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4 responses to “Sunday Report

  1. Ginger

    I like your hair, but we don’t have to talk about it. I love the poses all the folks make in your pics. It’s funny.

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    gopi told me you shaved your head!!! i told her we are crazy white girls. you know it is true!i love the poses people make. if i was an artiste i would have an exhibit of the photos of people chomping down their eats in front of my table. i especially like the out-takes…where their mouth is in full chew.too unflattering for the blog, though. i don’t want to lose customers!!!

  3. Malla-Praharana Das Adhikari GPS

    Haribol AGTSP PAMHOJayaaaaaa im dying to buy some of this sausage you do, i was raised in an Italian Family so that will be as nice treat for la Mamma !!! heheheheh im so happy to see in one photto Paramananda Prabhu (Porcell), i use to interchange letters with him on my Bhakta time/Krishnacore years, All Glories to the asembled devotees!!!

  4. Devadeva Mirel

    malla-praharana prabhu—just shoot me an email at and i will email you the recipe.ciao!

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