Hell Bent…for Sabjimata!

In case you haven’t noticed, just about every other posting these days seems to have some mention of someone or other from Australia.  And that is because I absolutely love Australians and Australians, apparently, absolutely love Sabjimata  (remember, Sabjimata is a brand…not a person!!).  
Here is a pic from Sita-pati’s blog of Param Satya juicing wearing that ever so stylish Human Made Sabjimata logo tee.  My shirt even made it’s way to a Judas Preiest concert in Australia! When I read that, I have to say, I felt like the purpose of my existence in this material world had just been revealed.  The thought of my singular brown t-shirt in an arena (does Judas Priest still draw arena crowds or are they kind of like in that end of the rockumentary-small club stage of musical life?) full of black shirts just makes me weep.  
Hugs and kisses to all my customers in Australia!  Thank you for your international support and for adding some fun to my business life (Australians have a reputation for being fun…didn’t you know?).
Now, on to conquer my next continent.  Or should I just stick to individual countries?  Oh hell, let’s be honest, I am just working on Alachua county for now.

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