Breakfast at Kurma’s

I have to say, Sabjimata Jam is the best jam for baking with. See the shot of Harriet’s Thumbprint Cookies? No ooze. Before making my own jam, I would only buy apricot jam for baking with since it seemed to stay put the best when making pastry. But now that I have my own line of jam, I have a variety of flavors to bake with because my jam is the absolute perfect consistency. Low in sugar and high in fruit, it is great for filling thubmprint cookies, rugelach, tarts and danish.

In addition to my wonderful jams, I will be debuting soon my caramel sauce. It requires refrigeration and a good stir because there are no stabilizers or diglycerides (it is, of course, au natural). The caramel sauce has a uniquely rich, decadent flavor which is owed to sweetening with sucanat and barley malt syrup. It is terrific for dipping (my son’s breakfast today was very fondue-esque…strawberries dipped in caramel sauce) or topping off sweets.

Here is a picture of some cheescake bars I made for a party last nite. To make, I simply took a little left over cookie dough and pressed it into a pyrex baking dish. Then I threw some cream cheese, caramel and a bit of arrowroot powder i the food processor and gave it a whirl. Bake, cool, serve. These bars are very versatile and were born from trying to figure out to do with leftover buttercream frosting. Basicaly, anything with cream cheese in it will work here.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, my jam is getting spread on homemade sourdough bread–alongside homemade cream cheese (that sounds too good). Despite keeping a blog, blatant self promotion still makes me blush. Thankfully, Kurma is generously promoting my jam–calling Saffron Cardamom Peach Conserve “Heaven!”. Personally speaking, I would have to agree. Here is a shot (lifted without permission from his blog) of Breakfast at Kurma’s.


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