The Sound of Success: Yet Another Croissant Test Batch

When I opened the oven and removed today’s batch of croissants, success seemed easily within reach. The striated layers of rich croissant hung like flaked shingles on the outer-crust.

As I picked up a croissant, I could feel, and most significantly–hear– my success as the shatter of the outer crust gave way to a soft, moist and buttery inside. I had achieved the flaky perfection I have been striving for. That authentic croissant experience.

But tasting is believing. And the taste of this test batch, while not bad at all, does not compare to the perfect balance of sugar and salt I tasted with my first test recipe. Now it is back to the proverbial drawing board for a little recipe mash up.  Hopefully success will be mine by the weekend…


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4 responses to “The Sound of Success: Yet Another Croissant Test Batch

  1. Anonymous

    Looking forward to the recipe 😛 🙂 Haribol!

  2. Padi

    You’re killing me!

  3. Padi

    Mmmm….the one I bought last night was so good! I can’t imagine what they must be like fresh out of the oven with some of your delicious jam on them!

  4. Devadeva Mirel

    padi….you sound like such a commercial! thanks for loving the croissant. they are wonderful fresh from the oven but rather impossible to cut and spread jam on at that’ll have to come over for breakfast sometime.

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