We’re Gonna Have a Sushi Party Tonite!! (Sung to Black Flag’s ‘TV Party’)

Today I spent the day rolling sushi for the sushi party I was hired to cater. The request was basic–use carrot, cucumber, avocado and cream cheese, in different combinations, for vegan and vegetarian sushi rolls. I took extra special care cooking the rice, which is what sushi is actually named after. This clearly makes it the most important part of the dish. After thoroughly washing the rice in cold water, I let it dry for one hour. Then I steamed it for 10 minutes and left it, covered, in the pot for another ten minutes. After that, I spread the rice out on a tray and simultaneously fluffed it with a fork and fanned it with some paper. By doing so, I ensured proper cooling and grain separation of the sushi rice. Then I added some sugar dissolved in rice vinegar, covered the sushi rice with a cloth and refrigerated until cold.

The next step involved cutting vegetables to roll in the sushi. Or course, if I actually owned a decent, sharp knife, this process would have gone a little better. Following the cutting, I lightly toasted the individual sheets of nori over a gas flame. By doing so, the flavor of the nori is enhanced. Finally, I spread out the rice, added the veggies, tightly rolled the sushi in the nori and sliced (again…a good knife would have been appreciated here).

I prepared a variety of sushi.  Here is avocado and cream cheese sushi.

This is an inside out roll covered in sesame seeds.
About once a year I make sushi for my husband.  Only once a year.  Honestly, I cannot handle the smell.  A few months back I made him sushi at our home in Pennsylvania.  But here I was, exceeding my once a year limit.  
I’m looking forward to hearing back from the sushi party people about how they liked it.  When the man picked it up today, he was really attracted to the presentation, which made me–of course–happy. I never met him before and he was so nice about getting his sushi.  I have to say, I think catering for people into natural foods has to be a different experience than making a 6 foot sub at Subway.   While my clients are more knowledgeable and particular about their food, they are also very sweet and easy going.
I’m becoming one of those people you see on tv who make very little money but have a big smile on their face.  You know, the ones saying “I love my job. I just love what I do.” I am now one of those people.
But I still don’t love sushi.


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4 responses to “We’re Gonna Have a Sushi Party Tonite!! (Sung to Black Flag’s ‘TV Party’)

  1. Padi

    I love sushi! I wish I was the man (?) picking it up!

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    whaaaa!!!!! padi reads my blog!!! i am so honored!!!i do not reveal the names of my clients…yet i am sure you know this gurukuli.but hush…i’ve said to much. i don’t want to be sued or anything 😉

  3. Samba (errr I mean Anonymous)

    DevadevaSometimes in the rush of life’s responsibilities and hectic pace, we forget to thank people sufficiently for the wonderful things they do for you. Thank you very much for the wonderful sushi, it was the hit of the party and the care and attention to detail was exceptional.

  4. Devadeva Mirel

    aww…you’re sweet! i know everything i do is peppered with imperfection…but i hope you tasted my love!xo

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