Watch June Taylor Rock the Casbah with Her Marmalade

Cristina just emailed me this link to a fabulous video piece on June Taylor, the Madame of Marmalade.  

Marmalade seems to be all over the place these days, at least in my tiny online circle.  Dhriti, from New Govardhana, just turned out 150 jars and Kurma blogged yesterday about his marmalade making.  
All this hot fruit is making me feel intense longing for a litte jam making.  I am planning a trip to the Wednesday farmers market to see about getting some local fruit. I did see a mound of ripe mangos in Ward’s the other day. Maybe I will look into their pricing by the case.  
I just need to make jam.  It’s been too long and I am starting to go a bit crazy from this jam dry spell.  I need to smell the hot fruit cooking on my stove.  I can’t handle looking at the fruit of other people’s labor anymore.  I need to fill up some jars with jam.  Some cases, actually.  
This weekend will be very busy and I was looking forward to a little time off next week.  And now I know how I will fill it.

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