Friday Cook Day

Today was a cook day for me and I have to say, things turned out particularly well. My client requested minestrone with cannellini beans as well as risotto. To round out the meal, I also prepared for him roasted vegetables, spinach stuffed tofu with a spinach/tahini sauce and a kalamata olive/sundried tomato spread for him to use for in between meals cracker noshing.

I never made risotto before, and the recipe I had called for wine, shallots and garlic–none of which I cook with. I subbed a 1/2 cup of vinegar mixed with 1 cup of water for the 1 and a 1/2 cups of wine. I sauteed celery instead of shallots and used hing instead of garlic. Instead of aborrio rice, I used a short grain brown. Without any vegetable broth on hand, I mixed up some dried mustard powder, nutritional yeast, Braggs and water as a stand in.

As for the cooking, risotto takes a long time to prepare because of all the cup by cup adding and stirring. Or it doesn’t if you just dump all the broth in the pot and boil. I started out following the directions, but honestly, it was taking so long due to the brown rice factor, that I just went for the dump. And to no ill consequence. The risotto was rich and creamy. And my client, who honestly told me he would compare it to the risotto he ate in Italy, called to say “Wow!” 15 minutes after I dropped off his meal.

He loved everything (whew!), especially the kalamata/sundried tomato spread, which is basically spreadable sodium (my client is a salt lover). And he appreciated the green-ness of the tofu. Usually he goes for a creamier minestrone, but said this may be his new favorite because it was “very light and good.”

Roasted vegetables.  This is by far the most superior way to serve beets.

Minestrone with cannellini beans.

Green and mean. Spinach stuffed tofu with a spinach/tahini sauce.  Kalamata olive/sun dried tomato spread.

My risotto…proving my Italian street cred.

Lunch packed and ready for delivery.
There it is.  Someone else’s meal. Now I have to figure out what to feed my family before they organize a kitchen coup d’ etat.

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