Orange Marmalade from Down Under

Dhriti from Australia sent me this email a little while back:

I just wanted to let you know that thanks to your great blogs about
jam, jam and more jam, you have inspired me to make some jam!

I live on New Govardhana in Australia, it is a beautiful 800 hectare
farm, we have a wonderful organic orange orchard and i was watching
all the oranges fall to the ground and we couldn’t eat them all. It
was then that I remembered you (its weird, i know – i mean i don’t
even know you and i find myself thinking that you would love these

Anyway to cut along story short i started today making 150 jars of
orange marmalade to put in this years Kalashes for the Janmastami
Abhisheka sponsors. I did alot of research into perfecting the recipe
and it tastes and looks delicious.

Dhriti is right. I would, indeed, love those oranges!  Any beautiful fruit a plenty falling from trees definitely piques my interest.  To think that little old me could inspire anything is a pretty earth shattering revelation for me. But to find out it inspired jam making–by the case load–makes me feel as though I am actually impacting this crazy world in a positive way.  Forget feeding orphans, adopting retired greyhounds and holding doors open for old ladies!  Jam making can really make a difference.

Here’s a photo of Dhriti’s marmalade beautifully arranged at her temple.  These jams were given as thank you gifts to donors at one of the temple festivals.  Personally, I know how hard she must have worked to make all this jam.  I am sure the recipients of the marmalade will enjoy their human made treat, but I am not so sure if they will fully understand all the time and love that went into each jar.  

Maybe only a fellow jam maker can truly understand.
Thank you, Dhriti, for sending the photo and please keep us posted on your canning fun in the land down under.

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