Janardana’s Feast

Mother Sri Vrindavan and Varacita Mataji chillin’ in the kitchen.

Salad.  As if you didn’t know that.

Ummmm. I think these pictures are pretty self explanatory.

But just in case you are thinking to yourself, “Yes, biscuits”– no, cookies.

Janardana and his carrot birthday cake.  

Today we attended Janardana’s 8th birthday party.  Mother Varacita, the Austrian baker/cookie artiste extraordinaire, invited me and the kids to the par-tay. I was pretty happy when we arrived and saw some of my favorite people there.

My son was pretty mortified that I brought vanilla sugar and sausage as the boy’s birthday gift. Tomorrow I am headed out to the store to pick up some Hot Wheels!  What was I thinking?  I mean, how many Hot Wheels! do you think this kid already has? Vanilla sugar and sausage–now that seemed like an original gift to me.

Mother Mayapur Malini, Mother Syama and her pure devotee daughter, Nistha.

I am convinced that what the world needs more of is French Canadians.

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