A New Stove!

I knew my new stove was arriving September 1st, but I had no idea that September 1st was yesterday. New Stove came without incident and the stove men hauled away the gross antique that stood in its place. My husband surprised me with two sets of steel shelving and a 4 foot stainless steel work table which seductively whispers “khandvi, khandvi” to me every time I look at it.

Today I began the process of moving lots of big pots and glass jars and bulk food items upstairs to my jam kitchen, thus freeing up valuable space in my tacky, 1962 Sadowski-style kitchen. My house kitchen looks remarkably, no, exactly the same as my friends’, the Sadowskis of Sayreville (aka parents of the Hare Krishna triplets) kitchen looked before their million dollar remodel. The ugly green linoleum, dark cabinets and window to nowhere are all from the Sadowski Signature Line of Crappy 1960’s Kitchens. But one day when the sky opens up and showers radon-free granite slabs from the sky, I will be out there with my cistern gathering natural stone for my kitchen remodel. Until then, I just have to think design buzzwords like “retro” and “period.”

Tired me, thinking of taking a nap on top of my new stove.

But back to the jam kitchen. That is what I am up to tonite. Instead of getting a good 8 hours rest so my body could fight the cancer cells which naturally grow inside all of us, I will stay up and organize my two kitchens.


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  1. Padi

    You never sleep.I’m at work thoroughly enjoying reading your archived blogs…ah the joy!

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