Sunday Report

Tonite sales were slow but steady. Things seemed to be going nowhere, but by the end of the night my kebabs and cookies were gone and the sausage was nearing extinction. People at the Sunday program are all very supportive and encouraging. And although there are other things to do in life besides manning a jam table, I know that my experience moving into a new community would not be the same sans table. By setting up my table, I get to meet all kinds of folks–especially those interested in cooking. And, of course, those interested in eating.

Here I am. Where are all the people? I was set up at the very end. Not a good spot.  

Kebabs! Kebabs for sale!  Vegetables, phooey!  

Puskar, my first customer of the evening. He is a really funny man and always very supportive. After he ate his kebab, he hung around to give testimonial of its tastiness.  And his wife, the very lovely Sukhada, was my first sale ever in Alachua.  Their daughter, Prtha, was my kebab making assistant this summer at Gita Nagari when the bus tour came through.

Jaya Gopal enjoying his kebab.  In addition to owning his own painting business, he is a burgeoning gelato entrepreneur. See, don’t I get to meet all the right people?

This pregnant lady put a lot of thought into whether or not she would buy a kebab.  Unfortunately, she didn’t get past the first bite.  You either love gluten or hate gluten. There is no in between. She ended up passing her kebab onto someone who loves gluten.  

Staying true to my jam roots, interest in my jarred stuff soldiers on. Hopefully next week I will have gotten far enough along on my croissant making that I have some to offer along with the jam.

Who’s that little crumb snatcher!!! These cookies were organic spelt, low sugar and topped with Sabjimata Expensive Conserve. These were the best Harriet’s cookies have ever tasted.


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2 responses to “Sunday Report

  1. Nityananda Chandra Das

    JAYA JAYA GOPAL PRABHU!!, Hes my Godbrother, we lived and traveled together plenty. Please offer my obeisances to him.

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    will do. he and his wife seem like real sweethearts. anyone who owns a gelato machine is alright in my book!

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