Sabjimata Sausage Helper

If you’re like me, standing in the middle of the kitchen at 2 in the morning wondering what you are going to cook your husband to take to lunch tomorrow, I’ve got just the thing for you.  Simply reach for a package of Sabjimata Spicy Italian Sausage. As a matter of fact, that’s what I did 28 minutes ago.

I know how busy life can be, what with driving Billy to whiffle ball practice and Suzy to the hospital for her volunteer candy striping.  It’s important to keep a clean house (which is why I’m up at 2 am scrubbing my kitchen with nylon scrubbies I crocheted myself) and a smile on your face.  But with all the responsiblities of today’s active homemaker, sometimes a lady needs more than just a pretty red bow in her hair and a shiny pair of pumps on her feet to get the day started. Sometimes a lady needs a little extra help.  Which is why I reach for my Sabjimata Spicy Italian Sausage.
No more boiling milk to make panir.  Forget pressing tofu to drain out the water.  Sabjimata Spicy Italian Sausage adds that protein taste without the tedious work associated with other vegetarian proteins. And Sabjimata Spicy Italian Sausage is already flavored and pre-cooked!  All you have to do is slice it and toss it in your favorite sabji or on top of your most reliable pizza recipe.

Here is my husband’s work lunch for tomorrow, made lickety-split using Sabjimata Spicy Italian Sausage.  

All I did was heat some extra-virgin olive oil in a cast iron skillet, threw in some freshly grated ginger, paprika and hing and then cooked the broccoli, zucchini, celery and Sabjimata Spicy Italian Sausage on high heat before adding  leftover organic brown basmati rice which was sitting in the fridge without interest from any four members of our family. The entire process took less than 19 minutes.  There you have it.    A simple, quick, nutritious and affordable vegetarian meal cooked in the middle of the night, requiring little to no state of wakefullness.



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3 responses to “Sabjimata Sausage Helper

  1. Gopal Nandini aka ginger

    Do you sleep? Just wondering. . .

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    unfortunately, no. when i get cancer from all this, i give you permission to say ‘i told you so!’

  3. Ginger

    Tou know what they say, “work now, samhadi later!”

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