What I’m Making in My Kitchen:

A total mess!!!

I’ve really gone a few steps down in kitchen functionality with our move into the new house. Combine that with my twice weekly personal chef gig (last Friday’s menu: salad with nutritional yeast dressing, eggplant parm, cappellini and black and white cookies), sausage and granola making and family cooking (although my husband might argue that I am doing less and less of that these days), my kitchen is in a constant state of flux.  
Is it almost clean or just getting messed up again?  The answer really lies in the eye of the beholder.  Like today–I thought it was almost clean, but then I had to cook lunch. Which meant that many of the clean pots quickly became dirty pots.
I know, I know–a pro cleans as he goes.  To be honest with you, I am a messy cook.  Especially when I am only working with 2 square feet of counter space and the clock is ticking.
But good things do come from overworked kitchens. Last nite I ordered a brand spanking new gas stove from Sears to go in my upstairs jam kitchen.  It gets delivered Tuesday. I will probably go to a restaurant supply store on Tuesday to check out getting a stainless steel work table.  As I type, my husband is out getting me stainless steel shelving for upstairs (and a tent for setting up at the Hare Krishna Temple Sunday program–rain is always in the forecast).
It will be interesting figuring out how to divvy up my pots, measure spoons and other stuff, but I do already have a food processor, brand new and still boxed, waiting for me upstairs. I bought it while in Pennsylvania with our credit card reward points and am waiting to inaugurate it in the new kitchen.  Which won’t be a certified kitchen, but will certainly relieve some of the burden from our house kitchen.
Check back Tuesday for exciting pictures of the new stove (ooh) and please pray that my husband does not somehow blow us all up while doing the propane hook-up himself (ahhh).


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2 responses to “What I’m Making in My Kitchen:

  1. Ginger

    Ahhhh, I dream of the day my kitchen is clean. An overworked kitchen, like yours and mine is only clean in certain areas. Either the sink is clean and all the dishes are drying beside it, or the counters are clean and there are 20 dirty jars in the sink. I dream of the day I have a milk kitchen and my kitchen will look like one from a magazine between meals. About once a week I have a marathon and I put EVERYTHING away, wipe down everything, polish the sink, sweep the floor, then turn out the light so the mice can enjoy the clean kitchen while I sleep and dream of everything I have to get done to dirty it up the next day!! Good thing our kitchen is big, because we live in here.Can’t wait to see how yours all unfolds!!

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    yes. my dream is to have two kitchens in my house. or maybe an entire house that is just kitchens. of course, i would appreciate an entire staff on call to clean the kitchens.

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