Test Batch: Croissant

I really wanted to make croissants, so I did.  I found some good info on the internet and got my dough a mixing. Of course, since I am impatient, I skipped about 3/4 of the steps.  I really wanted to jump ahead to the end results and see if the recipe I was using really would taste croissanty.

Well, indeed, it tasted very, very croissanty.  Especially after more than a decade going croissantless.  Maybe it’s the recipe or maybe my taste buds have developed a heightened awareness for this indulgence, but my croissant kicks Au Bon Pain’s franchised butt any day!
Despite skipping more than half the steps of the recipe, the process was very slow, buttery and requiring much refrigeration. From what few steps I did follow, I developed full faith in the remaining days worth (that’s right, croissant making will take you a good 24 hrs.) of steps.  Right before my very eyes I saw the dough transforming into flaky, buttery layers. 
My croissants were light and flaky, although needed a few more rolling outs and refrigeration before they (hopefully) show their croissant badge on their outer crust–paper thin layers of crisp, buttery perfection.


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4 responses to “Test Batch: Croissant

  1. Anonymous

    Would you sell croissants by order?

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    I sure would. I am working on another test batch(this time with all the steps) to try and get a better texture on the outer crust. I don’t know what role the egg wash, which of course I left out, plays in that. But I definitely guarantee that they are delicious.

  3. Ginger

    If the egg wash is just brushing egg on the outside, it’s to brown them and brushing milk on works the same.

  4. Devadeva Mirel

    true. just trying to rationalize my shortcomings.

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