Welcome to Vrindavan

The devotees here do a wonderful job celebrating Janmastami. Once again, the village of Vrindavan was constructed so devotees could go on parikrama through Braja, stopping at all the different temples. I did not actually get to visit Vrindavan (if you read my old blog, you will know that I am repeatedly too fallen to enter the Holy Dhama) because I was doing my vaisya activities, selling my wares. While my table was a success, it was a definite spiritual bummer. But enough about that. I could hear the goings on in Vrindavan, and let me tell you, I was pretty grateful to see the light of Vrindavan from my prison house built of jam from the other side of the JAMuna. This community has the best (and possibly loudest) kirtaniyas.

Those are my kids climbing the tree at Chir Ghat. Oops.

Here are the devotees busy doing seva constructing Vrindavan. Notice I am not one of them.


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