My Strawberry Jam Rocks!

Did you hear, because apparently it is true?  My Strawberry Conserve is unbelievable. And it isn’t just me saying that.  One customer, who accidently got a jar of Outlet Jam, told me he didn’t even care that it was syrupy because it was just so incredibly good.

How good?  This customer buys his jam by the case.  Imported Italian jam made only from fresh fruit.  And he could not believe how badly my jam kicked the butt of the Italian jam. And he didn’t even blink when I suggested that a jar of jam doesn’t really have a butt.
Listen up, because I am going to tell you the truth about my Strawberry Conserve.  This isn’t tooting my own horn or some cornball sales pitch. This is just the straightforward, God’s honest truth. I’m not lying here.
This year’s batch of Strawberry Conserve is perhaps the best batch that there will ever be.  It was made using organic strawberries grown in a cow field which has been organic and fallow for decades.  Central Pennsylvania is known for its rich soil and the farm where these strawberries were grown is no exception.
And these aren’t just any strawberries. Truth be told, I have no idea what the variety is called, but they were small and bright red and oh so tender.  They had to be gently handled to avoid bruising.  And they were.  These weren’t gigantor, blah red berries that are cultivated to travel all the way across the country to sit in a walk in for weeks before making it home to someone’s refrigerator.  These were precious berries grown a mile from my house. Picked and cooked right away.  
And wait till I tell you who planted these berries. These strawberries were planted by Hungarian monks who grew up farming in Eastern Europe.  Their entire garden was a site of beauty.  Before returning to Hungary, they planted these strawberries, leaving an annual mark on the garden for us to remember them by.  
This Strawberry Conserve is rich and fruity.  The first ingredient is strawberries because that is what is mostly in the jar.  It is only 15 % (natural) sugar, which is super low.  I was just in the health food store the other day looking at jams.  Sure, there are a lot with fruit as the first ingredient and some of them are honest jams.  But there are also jams with fruit as the first ingredient but they are just cheating jams.  They have a ton of sugar in them (and very little fruit).  But they bypass the labeling restrictions by using two kinds of sugar, say sucrose and dextrose, and can then list fruit first.  Shame on those cheaters.
With Sabjimata, there is no cheating.  This is super good jam.  
And I’ll tell you what I told this customer. If you think the Strawberry is good, wait until you try the Raspberry.


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2 responses to “My Strawberry Jam Rocks!

  1. Campakalata Devi dasi's

    man, I really want some of your jam

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    what, do i look like a man to you? this haircut really is a problem, no?i wish you could have some! place an order :0

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