Daily Screen Printing Rocks Out a New Shirt

I always knew Chris Daily, owner and operator of Daily Screenprinting, was cool, but his new freebie shirts just confirm that all over again.  I mean, when you see this design, doesn’t it just make you want to tell your PTA to get this year’s field day shirts printed by the hippest screenprinter in Harrisburg?

Heck yeah!

Chris has never let me photograph him for my blog, opting for cutesie wootsie pics of his Shirley Templesque daughter (she’s got curls).  And now I know why.  He was waiting to unveil his image on his own shirtzolas!  Can you imagine just how efficient a screenprinter with four arms can be?  With Chris at the press, your job will be done in half, no make that 1/4, of the time.  
Just be sure not to mention anything about his nose. He’s a little sensitive about that…

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