Sabjimata, LLC

I am now officially an LLC, or limited liability corporation.  Well, not me.  My company.  

It’s not that big a deal really.  Anyone can become an LLC, for a fee.  But now I am officially open for business in Florida. And if anyone wants to sue me, at least my house and family are protected.  Not that anyone would ever want to do that, of course.
So with my LLC filing I will finally be able to cash all those checks I have made out to “Sabjimata.”  
Soon my business credit card will be coming in the mail, too.  I know these are all superficial signs of having a business, but it is a little bit fun. When I was on the phone with the credit card lady, she would not let me get off without having me pick a fancy card design.  She really wanted me to get the card with the picture of the gourmet kitchen on it but 1) it is not my style and 2) there was a big dead fish on the counter. Nothing says gourmet kitchen like big dead fish.
I chose the Japanese flag design because it looks like a big red bindi (on a big white forehead!). The woman told me I was boring and I think she was kind of disappointed that she wasted 14 minutes on the phone with me (she took the time to tell me how long we were on).  I thought she must have missed the diversity training class to have told me choosing an ethnic flag was “boring” but whatever. She lives in Utah.  


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2 responses to “Sabjimata, LLC

  1. DailySAHM

    I hope you got a biz card with nice perks, you know, like points of some sort that you can trade in for, oh, I don’t know, airfare to India? 🙂

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    i dont know about the airfare…but i just got a gift card to pier 1!!! wooo-hoooo

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