The Italian Job

Today I did personal cheffing for my client who really likes Italian food–but requires everything to be whole grain, organic– the whole whole food enchilada.  I cooked rice pasta with a really yummy tomato sauce packed full of vegetables and fresh basil, stuffed bell peppers (brown rice, vegetables, parmesan and slivered almonds made up the stuffing), baked zucchini croquettes and a huge tossed salad.  

For my family, I experimented making Italian sausage.  I never thought about making Italian sausage, since I don’t think I’ve ever eaten Italian sausage.  But after seeing Chef Veggie’s  pictures of her Italian sausage, I immediately set to work sleuthing around the web for recipe ideas.
The sausage turned out great.  I experimented with size a little but think for sales purposes, one long link is the way to go.  If you are in the Alachua/Gainesville area and want some vegan Italian sausage without onion and garlic but still big flavor, this stuff is for you.

You can fry it up in a pan, add it to pizza, vegetable dishes and soups or simply just slice and eat.  
See, Sabjimata is not just jam.  Sabjimata is also vegan Italian sausage!


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2 responses to “The Italian Job

  1. Veggie Bytes

    Awesome! See you didn’t need help from me…Im terribly slow getting back to people with recipes…esp, if I never wrote them down or if it was an experiment! 🙂 Im going to try making some other varieties like chinese style, maybe apple sage like some other veggie cooks have, or maybe even a curry one.I hope they were a hit at Janmastami!

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    oooh. it all sounds good. especially “chinese style.” things are too busy here right now but i really want to meet you on the phone one day!!! soon!!!!!

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