Jiva Jago!!!

Ahhh. Finally. I am in the very homestretch of unpacking. Tonite I broke Gaura Nitai out of Their “travel case,” which sounds a lot better than Their “tackle box.” They have been resting for a really long time and couldn’t imagine Them being very pleased with the situation (although Their mattresses are rather soft and comfy looking).

My husband, the transcendental go-getter, was ready to bring Them on to the altar the first day we moved in. But I couldn’t handle it. Now that the kitchen is pretty much put away and organized (except for the muddle of spices), I feel it is time. And despite the fact that it is technically the middle of the night, I decided the time was now.

I sort of felt like I should have waited for Janmastami, but Gaura Nitai always get kind of neglected on festival days as we head to the temple and tend to our Venumadhava and Madhumati deities. But I wanted to polish Them and that takes time. And the middle of the nite seems the most peaceful time around here with the kids sleeping.

Gaura Nitai are polished and dressed, given fresh water, a plate full of cookies as a little midnite snack and New V 24 hr. kirtan is playing. I know my husband will be really happy when he sees Them in the morning and the kids will be over the moon, which it being morning and all, really means something.

Actually, I was inspired to get Them up and worship-able by my friend, Gopi, who’s house I was at today. She moved here a week and a half after us and her altar looks beautiful and her Gaura Nitai are *shiny*!!! Our Gaura Nitai are freshly shiny now, too. And I just love how They look in Their new outfits, which were sewn by Mother Maharha. Mother Maharha was a bit skeptical of my vision, which was simply 3 raw silk rectangles per Deity, but once she saw them dressed in Their simple cloth, her heart was won over.

When we first saw our Deities in the Denver gift shop (that’s right, Their from Denver…you got a problem with that??!?), They looked really, really cute in these sort of simple, sort of kooky outfits that a devotee must have sewn. The outfit was basically a Jagannatha style skirt made from some multi-colored silk print. And They had saffron raw silk rectangles for Their chaddars. Those chaddars have served as their turbans and lungis also. For a while I was sewing outfits for GN (I am a horrible sewer) and They never looked natural in those outfits (mostly skirts and chaddars). I really felt They would look better following the ‘less is more paradigm.’

I have some glass beads to make necklaces but haven’t gotten to that yet. I think Their simple dress is okay, though, since They eat pretty well (considering we are melecha yavanas and all). Actually, when I was dressing Them, I was admiring Lord Caitanya’s form. He is much more meatier in the legs than Lord Nityananda.



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  1. matagopal

    I think your sweet Gaura Nitai look very authentic in their simple threads. I know Lord Chaitanya is God and all, but I can't imagine him wearing lots of glitter and beaded polyester. . . I think your choice in attire is lovely. So, know any free farms available down there??

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